Historic New Orleans French Quarter Hotel Damaged by Hurricane Katrina

An historic New Orleans French Quarter hotel suffered severe water damage from Hurricane Katrina.  For the upper floors of the hotel, there was considerable water damage despite a lack of obvious damage to the roof or exterior walls.  During restoration … Read More

Cost and Schedule Analysis of Alternative Fireproofing Methods

We were commissioned to analyze the cost implications for alternative methods for providing fire protection of the steel structure of a high rise New York City building.  The building had been constructed with an asbestos-containing spray fireproofing just months before non-asbestos formulations of spray … Read More

Hurricane and Flood Damages to New Orleans High-Rise Building

A high-rise office building/hotel complex in the New Orleans area was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina’s wind-driven rains which penetrated through the building’s curtain wall, as well as by hurricane-related flooding, which resulted in damage throughout the lower floor of … Read More

High-Rise Office Building in Midtown Manhattan

The owner of a high-rise office building in mid-town Manhattan sued the manufacturer of the asbestos-containing fireproofing product that had been used in the building, claiming that the manufacturer had a non-asbestos alternative that could have been supplied for use … Read More

Thickness of Fireproofing at World Trade Towers

Company principal, Roger Morse, inspected and evaluated the fireproofing in the World Trade Towers over about a ten-year period.  During that time, he documented the condition of the asbestos-containing fireproofing sprayed on floor trusses up to about the 35th floor of Tower … Read More