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Investigation of Construction Projects at National Historic Site

case_leg_investhistoricA manufacturer of building materials needed to confirm whether a product, that it had at one time manufactured, had ever been installed at a historic hospital/insane asylum site (now listed in the National Historic Register).  We were retained to investigate and document the history of renovation projects and construction materials at this location.

We inspected the building, and by observation, were able to delineate the original construction, additions, and renovations.  Based upon our experience with building design and construction, and comparing materials found in the building to those described in the historical architectural and engineering design manuals in our library, allowed us to determine the sequence of construction.  Historic records on construction provided additional information allowing construction dates to be determined with greater precision.  We then inspected the building for evidence of the product in question, both intact installations and remnants left behind following renovation.

This research allowed us to determine the manufacturer’s product had not been used in the construction of the buildings.