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Thickness of Fireproofing at World Trade Towers

case_leg_fireproofingCompany principal, Roger Morse, inspected and evaluated the fireproofing in the World Trade Towers over about a ten-year period.  During that time, he documented the condition of the asbestos-containing fireproofing sprayed on floor trusses up to about the 35th floor of Tower 1.  These inspections found that the fireproofing was much thinner than had been specified, and was completely missing in places.

To assist National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  in its study of the progressive failure of the WTC towers Mr. Morse used photo interpretation to document the thickness of fireproofing applied to the trusses and submitted these to NIST for their information and use.

Ultimately, NIST opined that fireproofing had probably been knocked off by the force of the plane’s impact, and that the original fireproofing thickness was unimportant to the investigation.