We develop and analyze schedules for construction projects, including new construction, renovations, and remediations.  

Typically, the amount of detail in a schedule will increase during the life span of a project starting with project planning, proceeding through preparation of construction documents, and then construction. We are typically called upon to prepare the following types schedules:

Simple Bar Chart Schedules: Early in project planning, while alternatives of project scope and location are being studied, a simple bar-chart schedule can be quickly and economically prepared, and then quickly modified to compare alternatives. This simple scheduling may be all that is needed at this point in planning the project.

Preliminary Critical Path Method Schedule (CPM): During development of the project, while weighing alternatives such as different structural and HVAC systems and massing of the building, it may be useful to prepare a Critical Path Method Schedule for the parts of the project impacted by the alternatives being studied. This may be in the form of a CPM schedule for the entire project, or for parts of the preliminary bar chart schedule.

Critical Path Method Schedule (CPM): During Design Development and Construction Phase, we will develop a detailed CPM schedule to inform cost estimating and budgeting.

Construction Administration Scheduling: To be useful, schedules must be continually updated to reflect actual construction durations and milestones. The only practical way to accomplish this is with a computerized scheduling program. We use two such programs for construction schedules depending upon the size and complexity of the project. For small, or simple projects Microsoft Project, which is inexpensive and simple to use is an adequate tool to manage the construction schedule. For large or complex projects, particularly if there are many individual prime contractors, it is useful to employ the greater flexibility and power of Primavera Project Planner.


Representative Projects:

Here are some examples of past projects that illustrate our approach.