We provide construction management services on new projects as well as projects involving renovation or site restoration. These projects range from fast-track projects on high-rise office buildings in major urban areas to environmental remediation, and fire/flood restoration projects.

construction_floorplanMany times our projects include correction of defects and repair of damage that result from issues such as construction defects, moisture intrusion caused by defects or storm damage, cracking, failure of coatings, and other problems in the built environment. Since we take a multi-disciplinary approach to our projects, we have all the skills in house to assemble a team of architects, engineers, industrial hygienists, building scientists, and materials scientists as needed to fit the specific issues involved, and restore the facility to operation.

As part of our construction management services, we provide comprehensive project planning services, including feasibility studies, scheduling, and cost estimating services. During bidding and construction, we can serve as the owner’s representative in dealing with contractors.
construction_readingplanWe assist the building or facility owner in developing construction contracts, assist with the interpretation of contracts in the case of construction disputes, and identify or clarify the responsibilities of the various parties to the contract.

We have been responsible for design and oversight for hundreds of projects, large and small. Many of these projects have involved intricate restoration and renovation of existing facilities and equipment that must be accomplished during tight construction periods with fixed completion dates enforced by liquidated damages.