We provide the services necessary to evaluate industrial equipment that is damaged or not operating properly.  There are numerous other reasons that equipment can run into problems such as wear, corrosion, data communication problems, etc.  This may occur due to an event such as a flood, hurricane, fire, or accident.  In either case we evaluate equipment by looking not only at the item as a whole, but we also consider all of its component parts, its role in a process and the way it coordinates with other equipment.

It is necessary to look at each component as different components have difference susceptibilities to damage, or to wear.  A machine can have components that range from those that are very robust and unlikely to be damaged in an event, to very delicate components such as controls that are very susceptible to damage.  For example a large CNC lath will have components such as:

  • the casting making up the structure of the machine which are very robust and unlikely to sufferer damage during an event, or suffer wear
  • precision surfaces that while being robust can be damaged by corrosion and affected by wear,
  • operating parts, such as motors and bearings which can more easily be damaged by wetting, grit, corrosion,
  • delicate pneumatic or hydraulic parts that can easily be damaged,
  • controls and central control units that can be made inoperable by wetting.

Typically, when evaluating equipment, or process we collaborate with the manufacturer of the equipment or process so that full use can be made of proprietary information.

In situations where there hazardous chemicals, mold, asbestos or other issues, we proceed with our industrial hygiene staff coordinating with plant health and safety personnel.


Representative Projects:

Here are some examples of past projects that illustrate our approach.