We perform forensic cost analysis, including audit of construction costs, analysis of historic costs, development of cost models for alternatives.  As project schedules impact cost, due to factors such as general condition costs and holding costs, forensic analysis of costs must frequently be coordinated with forensic scheduling analysis.  Our forensic cost analysis services include:
  • Audit of actual construction costs to determine if costs have been properly allocated, and to analyze the accuracy and appropriateness of costs incurred on a project.
  • Analysis of actual costs for a project in order to project the changes in costs that would result from various alternatives, such as selection of alternative structural systems, or alternate materials such as fireproofing systems in high rise buildings.
  • Macroscopic analysis of costs such as the cost to remove all asbestos containing materials produced by a particular manufacturer from all buildings in the country.
  • Macroscopic analysis of restoration costs, by material and trade, for a geographical area impacted by a disaster such as a hurricane or flood.
  • Development of local unit costs and production rates for various construction activities using national databases of costs and applying local labor, material, and equipment costs.
  • Present value calculations to compare past cost savings, such as a decision to use spray applied asbestos-containing fireproofing during original construction of a building, to current day costs for remediation.
  • Life cycle cost analysis to compare the long term cost of alternatives.
  • Analysis of project cost documentation to determine the incremental increase in renovation project costs due to environmental remediation.
  • Retrospective development of unit costs to calculate construction costs at a point in the past.  For example, determination of asbestos removal costs in the World Trade Center Towers had this work been performed in 1971 when asbestos first became an issue on the project.
  • Cost benefit and feasibility analysis for various alternatives that may have differing initial and long term costs, and different construction duration.

Representative Projects:

Here are some examples of past projects that illustrate our approach.