RGM_BuildingsMorse Associates was founded in 1982 by Roger G. Morse AIA to use technology to solve problems with the built environment.

This started with the application of computer modeling to support energy conservation and solar design projects, and has grown into a practice that applies a multi-discipline approach to complex problems.  This is accomplished through robust collaboration between professionals with differing education and experience including the disciplines of architecture, engineering, industrial hygiene, and supported by long established relationships with chemists, physicists, laboratories, and other specialists.  This approach has proven to be extremely successful in dealing with the impacts on the construction and manufacturing industries resulting from the rapid pace of technological development in products, assemblies, communications, data transfer, and processing.  Solving problems in the information age has increasingly become involved in material science, compatibility of materials, moisture control, computer science, and a whole host of issues that arise when designers of buildings, plants, and processes apply technology to develop higher performing facilities that take less from the environment, use less manpower, and are made of components that can be returned back to nature or reused at the end of their life cycle.