Morse Associates was founded in 1982, to apply technology to solve problems with the built environment and industrial facilities. 

The company is structured with a division, Morse Associates, Inc., that is dedicated to research, teaching and forensic investigations, and an operational division, Building & Forensic Sciences, LLC., that performs project work  This organization strengthens the company by formalizing the collaboration between professionals that we have long used to resolve building and environmental problems.  The company consists of professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, and industrial hygiene.  We have long worked together in a collaborative fashion, and with our current structure have formalized our relationship, thus cementing our multi-disciplinary approach to resolving problems.  A review of this web site will describe how this approach works, and why we believe it to be the best way to solve problems for our clients.

Morse Associates, Inc. 

Morse Associates continues to perform forensic work, and is also developing two on-line technical manuals, one on architectural technology, and one on environmental technology.  In the future, Morse Associates will also offer educational programs including webinars and on-line classes.

Building & Forensic Sciences, LLC 

The company’s project work, aside from forensic investigations, is performed by the Building & Forensic Sciences division, an employee-owned company.  This division is an association of professionals collaborating on projects.  It is the practice of this division to form project teams made up of various disciplines as needed, to resolve problems from initial identification through to a satisfactory conclusion.  Roger Morse serves as the Technical Director for the company.