Retrospective ACM Exposure Analysis

A building material manufacturer, who in the past had manufactured an asbestos-containing product, asked us to investigate the history of construction and renovation activities at several colleges at which a former employee of the colleges claimed exposure to asbestos during the … Read More

Historical Research on Materials and Equipment Suppliers at Steel Plant

We were asked by a manufacturer, who during one period of time had produced an asbestos-containing high temperature insulation material, to conduct research and forensic investigations regarding the historical use of materials and equipment at particular steel plant locations throughout the U.S.  Of … Read More

Investigation of Construction Projects at National Historic Site

A manufacturer of building materials needed to confirm whether a product, that it had at one time manufactured, had ever been installed at a historic hospital/insane asylum site (now listed in the National Historic Register).  We were retained to investigate and document … Read More

Investigation of Historical Equipment Installations

A person suffering an asbestos related disease sought compensation from the manufacturer of products to which he was exposed.  We were asked by a boiler manufacturer to determine if there was a potential that this person had been exposed to … Read More

Investigation of Historical Materials at Low Income Housing Projects

A manufacturer of resilient flooring, who had in the past manufactured vinyl asbestos floor tile (VAT), asked us to determine if any of its VAT product had ever been installed in two low income housing projects (one in operation, one demolished) located … Read More

Historical Research on Steel Plants

We were asked by the manufacturer of high temperature insulation materials to determine where its products would have been used in several steel plants during the 1940s and 1950s.  This required that the equipment and processes in the plants at that time be … Read More

Asbestos Exposure in Department Store Litigation

Litigation was filed against a company that had manufactured an asbestos-containing pipe insulation in the 1950’s by an individual who claimed to have been exposed to asbestos while working in a store that was under construction at that time.  At the … Read More

High-Rise Office Building in Midtown Manhattan

The owner of a high-rise office building in mid-town Manhattan sued the manufacturer of the asbestos-containing fireproofing product that had been used in the building, claiming that the manufacturer had a non-asbestos alternative that could have been supplied for use … Read More

Cost Analysis of Fireproofing Alternatives

We were commissioned to perform a retrospective analysis of the cost differences between various methods for fireproofing a high rise building.  The building had been constructed of structural steel with spray applied fireproofing.  We studied the cost impact that would result … Read More

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