Material Science

We provide services relative to material science.  Determination of the cause of a failure and other problems frequently requires investigation of the materials involved, their physical properties, and interaction between materials.  This investigation typically starts with inspections in the field and … Read More

Data Communication

We provide services needed to evaluate the reliability of data communication networks, and damage to networks or equipment caused by events such as flood, wind and fire, or by material incompatibilities and aging.  To do this, we use a multi-disciplinary approach … Read More

Construction Defects

Investigation of construction defects requires a multi-disciplinary approach, involving architects, engineers, industrial hygienists, building scientists, and materials scientists.  An assignment typically starts with a complaint, sometimes the problem is evident (the paint is peeling, the stucco is cracking, windows are fogging), other times … Read More

Literature Search

Literature Search We perform literature searches on a wide range of topics to support our professional and academic activities and as historic background research for our project reports and histories. This could involve a typical academic literature search of peer-reviewed … Read More

Cost Analysis

We perform forensic cost analysis, including audit of construction costs, analysis of historic costs, development of cost models for alternatives.  As project schedules impact cost, due to factors such as general condition costs and holding costs, forensic analysis of costs … Read More