Our company performs environmental investigations that include hazardous material assessments, remediation methods inspections and evaluations, and environmental impact assessments. These investigations cover a variety of issues including surface and sub-surface contamination, pesticides, hazardous chemicals, asbestos, and lead.

We design systems that address state and federal regulatory compliance issues such as chemical bulk storage, compliance plans, hazardous air pollutants, and VOC emissions, including the following services:

  • Compliance Assessments – Survey and assessment needed to comply with the myriad of environmental health and safety rules and regulations impacting a plant or process. Requires a comprehensive understanding of the facility products and operation.
  • Compliance Strategies – We are able to develop compliance systems, such as interactive databases, to assist your facility personnel to effectively and accurately comply with regulatory requirements while reducing the staff burden.
  • Emissions Inventories – We provide the services needed to develop comprehensive emission inventories, including air, land, or water as a point source or a fugitive emission. Using this inventory not only meets regulatory requirements, but also provides a basis for reducing waste discharges that can improve operating efficiency.
  • Licensing and Permitting Assistance – Our staff can assist with preparation of applications and securing permits that may be required due to changes to a facility ranging from the addition of new processes to providing local exhaust ventilation.
  • Brownfield Site Clean-Up – We provide the necessary services to oversee a brownfield site clean-up either for redevelopment or closure of a former industrial site. Resolution of environmental issues involved in brownfield site clean-up activities typically require close cooperation with regulatory agencies, and address risks that are not necessarily adequately dealt with through typical environmental site assessments.
  • Asbestos Surveys – We provide asbestos surveys for industrial facilities. Our knowledge of the processes involved allows us to differentiate the insulating materials on different systems. Our knowledge of insulating materials, systems, and practices allows us to accurately sample each individual material in a system. Knowledge of temperatures involved allows us to differentiate between asbestos and non-asbestos insulation systems in situations were high performance requirements of thermal insulation result in non-asbestos materials being visually very similar to their asbestos counterparts. Our knowledge of jacketing and lagging materials, and layered insulation systems allows to us accurately survey these materials, without compromising their thermal performance or durability.

Representative Projects:

Here are some examples of past projects that illustrate our approach.