We consult to architects and facility mangers on building science issues, resolving problems in existing buildings, assisting architects with high tech analyses and computer modeling required for building envelop design, and offering practical advice during development of details and selection of materials that will meet sustainability goals and provide long term trouble free service.

Design of buildings today has become highly technical as goals for increased energy efficiency, and sustainability become routine design requirements. New materials and assemblies are developed at an astounding rate to meet these needs. Architects are now faced with the need to include highly technical analysis such as hygrothermal modeling of wall assemblies, whole building energy use simulations, cost benefit analysis, and life cycle costing during the design of buildings.

When investigating problems with a building we use a collaborative approach bringing the disciplines of architecture, engineering, material science, industrial hygiene, and laboratory analysis as needed to bear on the issues involved.  You can find more specifics about our approach by following the links below.

Our expertise in Building Sciences is based not only on training and education, but also on years of practical experience resolving problems in the built environment and with industrial facilities. Our team of architects, engineers, and environmental experts provide the skills necessary to diagnose problems, find solutions, design needed repairs, and oversee repair work.